How to Remove Nutone Bathroom Fan Light Cover

Remove Nutone Bathroom Fan Light CoverMany years ago, people were using a classical ventilation system on the wall of the bathroom. They had to install fan and light separately. Even the management cost of these fans and lights were disappointing. So, science had to come forward.

Broan Nutone is a famous brand name which solved the mysteries those dirty fan, poor light settings. This brand has brought a bathroom device that consists of a fan and light together. You can find versatile models of Nutone bathroom vent.

How to Remove Nutone Bathroom Fan Light Cover By 7 Steps

However, the modern tech also needs care and repair though in the least frequency. The removal of the Nutone bathroom fan light cover is one kind of repair. Here is how to remove the Nutone bathroom fan light cover in simple steps. Just follow from the first step:

First Step

Removing cover takes only a couple of minutes. But it would help if you did not hurt you or other electrical equipment as well as the bathroom by making it in a hurry. First, you must locate the place of the circuit breaker. It controls the power of the device. So, you need to turn it off to complete the task securely. You can change the setting of the circuit breaker to “off.” There can be either different circuit breakers for fan and light or the same, which you use for other electronics.

Second Step

Grasp both sides of the Nutone fan cover. Then pull the cap straight towards you or down to open the cover clips. Squeeze the clips together by pressing them with your fingers. Now it is time to pull the cover entirely from the fan.

Step Three

Now, spot the place where tabs are connected to the housing. These tabs are for connecting blower assembly. Press the sides of such a house. You should pull the housing and construction of blower down. No, do not remove it all the way. Keep the device plugged into housing. You will see the cable from the assembly after lowering the assembly. It goes towards the housing plug. Then, pull the socket of the blower out of the structure.

Step Four

Unscrew the cover depending on the Nutone fan light model to slip the junction box out. You can also do it pressing the tabs on the sides. Then unscrews all the nuts while connecting the cables (black and white). There can be a risk of electricity running throughout the wire. So, you must test the cables with a Voltmeter. If there is no electricity, the meter reading will be zero. Otherwise, it would be dangerous.

Step Five

You can remove the electrical tape out of the black and white cables holding them together. Take a utility knife to cut or pull the tape. Then unscrew the copper cable separating from the green terminal screw. Separate the house cable from the Nutone assembly by pushing it out of the electrical panel.

Step Six

This time, you need to remove all the screws, nails which keep the Nutone frame to the ceiling. You can do this with a working screwdriver. There is also an alternative way to unscrew them. Power drilling with a drill bit can eliminate the screws. But it would help if you pried the nails with a hammer or pry bar.

Final Step

Now, this is the last step of bathroom fan removal. Pull the Nutone fan alongside the light out of the area. You can slide the fan unit far from duct connection for pulling it out of the vent. Then cut the tape connecting to it before you remove everything thoroughly.

So, you can see the steps of removing the bathroom fan light of Nutone is faster and easier. You can happily consider it as a “DIY” project.

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