How To Plumb A Double Kitchen Sink With Disposal And Dishwasher

How To Plumb A Double Kitchen Sink With Disposal And DishwasherAnyone who wants to save effort, time, and consume less water, a proper dishwasher is a must-have item for them. Nonetheless, plumbing a double kitchen sink with the dishwasher and disposal (drainage) isn’t a walk in the park.

To speak the truth, most people think the installation process rather complicated.

But believe me, it’s not;

Instead, if you follow our how to plumb a double sink kitchen with disposal and dishwasher guidelines, you should find it pretty straightforward.

So, if you are thinking of plumbing the double kitchen sink with dishwasher and disposal, you should read on the article.

So, shall we start?

Plumbing the Kitchen Double Kitchen Sink with Disposal And Dishwasher

As you clean all your dirty utensils, the dishwasher is often left with murky water. For proper drainage and a clean dishwasher, this mucky water should pass through the disposal system, so that your kitchen sink remains clean and healthy.

Also, dishwasher with clogged water may spoil your day with flooded water in the sink r causing other potential disasters. So, to get rid off these issues, dishwasher plumbing with double kitchen is your eminent duty.

Things you will require:

  • Pliers set
  • Dishwasher installing kit
  • A dishwasher wye
  • Compression clamps (2)
  • Rubber washers (2)

Now, let’s see the steps you need to follow for the plumbing procedure. Remember that the process is for installing the double sink with dishwasher using an air gap. For plumbing without an air gap, you will follow a different way.

But don’t fear. We will also discuss the plumbing without an air gap.

Step 1: Turning off the water source

Before you proceed to any steps, you will need to turn off the water supply. It will protect the flooding of the kitchen sink.

Step 2: Cutting a hole

Once you have successfully turned off the water supply, make a hole using pliers or drill on the double sink kitchen. The airgap stem should easily fit into the hole. So, while measuring the hole diameter, keep an eye on it.

Step 3: Installing the air gap

Place an appropriate rubber washer on the top of the air gap and pass it through the hole made on the sink kitchen. Now, also place the 2nd rubber washer on the air gap stem. Both rubber washer will ensure the air gap remains air and watertight.

Now, use a wrench to fasten the compressor nut. Remember to hold the stem with one hand while you fix the nuts. It will keep the air gap tube on the right spot.

After that, you will have to fasten the compression nut underneath the sink. For this, firmly hold the air stem with a set of pliers and use the wrench to tighten the nut. Check carefully whether all nuts have been appropriately snugged or not.

Step 4: Installing the disposal pipe

Find the smaller outlet on the newly set up air gap stem and pass on the dishwasher disposal pipe through it. You will either require a good-quality water hose clamp or compression nuts, depending on the dishwasher model.

Don’t worry; these kits will be in the package of the dishwasher you purchase. Or, you can get them at your nearest plumbing shop.

You must make sure that the clamps or nuts are correctly tightened and the disposal pipe is in tiptop state. Otherwise, the murky water will fail to reach the air stem every time.

Step 5: Connecting the air gap and double kitchen sink

For this purpose, you will need to measure the distance between the double kitchen sink drain pipe and the 2nd outlet of the air gap stem. You may use a measuring tape to check the meter correctly. We advise you to use a larger disposal hose than the measurement so that you get the flexibility.

Now, use a cutter to cut the disposal pipe into proper size correctly. After that, attach one end of the tube with the 2nd end, the larger outlet, of the air stem. The attachment procedure is the same as step 4.

Step 6: Adding the dishwasher awe

In most cases, the dishwasher will come with awe. However, some connector tube between the double sinks may not come with awe. You will need to add the dishwasher awe if this is the case.

To add the awe, measure its length, and then cut the connecting pipe accordingly. As you estimate the awe length, exclude the rim. Once you are ready with the tube, set up the awe correctly. At this time, make sure that the inlet pipe of the dishwasher face towards the wall and upwards.

After this, connect the awe with the sinking bridge and tighten it with the nuts. Also, use washers to make the connection watertight.

Note: For Y-type connection, you will require to install the awe vertically

Step 7: Adding the awe with the drain pipe

Now find the other part of the drain pipe that comes out from the air stem inlet and attach it with the awe. Tighten the connection with nuts.

Step 8:  Turning on the water supply

Once you attach the drainpipe with the awe, your double kitchen sink plumbing with disposal and dishwasher is complete. Now, turn on the water source and check for everything for the last time.

Congrats, you have accomplished one of the major DIY plumbing tasks in the kitchen.

Plumbing Without an Air Gap Stem

If you don’t need to install the air stem, the entre plumbing will become even brisker. All the other steps are the same described above. However, you may need a little adjustment while installing the disposal tube.

Your connector between the sink and dishwasher will form a loopy shape. You should tighten the loop with the nuts beneath the sink.

Now, attach the other end of the loop with the dishwasher awe and enjoy a clean dishwasher free of dirt and murky water.

Say tada to the dirty look pf the dishwasher forever.


This is the easiest way how to plumb a double kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher. Additionally, the double kitchen sink plumbing with dishwasher and garbage disposal is extremely straightforward, and you shouldn’t face any problem.

However, if you need any further and detailed information regarding the plumbing, don’t hesitate to reach us.

All the best and happy plumbing.

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