How to Hook Up Utility Sink To Garden Hose

How to Hook Up Utility Sink To Garden HoseA utility sink is mostly used in the laundry rooms. This type of sink is extra deep to wash or scrub things strenuously without spilling liquid outside. You can install a utility sink to your lawn or outside of the home. If you are a gardener, then it can be more beneficial connecting this sink to the garden hose.

First of all, you don’t need any prior experience or a lot of fancy tools and immense knowledge. Anybody with minimal effort can attach a garden hose to a sink.

When you connect utility sink to the hose, you can use the drained water for gardening purposes. Besides, you can keep flowers and other washable kits on the shelf-like space.

Let’s know how to hook up a utility sink to a garden hose:

Collect a Thread Adapter:

The thread adapter is the connector of the hose and sink. It has two ends designed to fit utility faucet at one end. Another end fits the garden hose properly. So, it is a tiny essential tool you must need. But don’t look for thread adapter till you know the compatibility of utility faucet. Most of the utility sink faucets have the same diameter hole. Yet some are different. So, you should know the correct adapter type.

The thread adapter is not so pricey, you may think. These adapters are below ten bucks. Even you can find any nearby hardware stores.

Breaking the Fitting:

The faucet of utility sink can have a fitting at the place where the water drains out. If you find this present, break the fitting first. Then pull it out.

This utility sink fitting may have a simple rubber stopper. You can use pliers to break this fitting as some faucets have tighter fittings. Mostly, the fitting is more natural to separate with hands.

Increase thread adapter security:

This time, you are going to set the adapter to the utility sink. You should be careful to screw this small thing to sink faucet. If you cross-thread or force, while things would be messy. If you force it unusually, it may break and leave a possible chance to damage the faucet too. Even you won’t be able to return it to the manufacturer. Hooking up the sink to hose won’t work if you don’t tight the thread correctly.

Connect the Garden Hose:

As you have installed the thread adapter to the faucet, it’s time to connect hose for gardening. Screw the open end of the same adapter to the gardening pipe. Never try to cross-thread that may damage the adapter.

So, you have connected the utility sink to a garden hose. Run a trial whether everything went well or not. If there is no leak, then you are good to go.

Last words:

Hooking a utility sink up to a garden hose is a straightforward task. You can do it alone with less effort. Be careful not to break the adapter.

This small article may be helpful for beginners.

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