How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent

A dryer vent is undeniably a vital thing to dry out the wet clothes. Hot air passes through the lint and makes the clothes dry with the help of dryer vent. Dryer vent has aluminum tuning that pushes air. Sometimes, the passage becomes clogged when you don’t clean the vent for longtime. Lint traps constrict the warm air to flow inside the dryer. You should remove those traps to maintain the health of the device.

This article gives you some essential information. Do you want to know how often you should clean dryer vents? Stay in touch with the rest of the article.

Why Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

Cleaning makes a device active and ready to perform well. Cleaning the dryer vent works the same as you have already known that clogged vents can’t flow warm air through the device. Then you can’t dry clothes properly. Even, a dirty vent may take a long time to dry them.

Moreover, this can be a reason to get fire accidents in your house. There are lots of cases of accidents caused by dryer vents. The warm air produces heavy heat which can lead to short circuit and cause a fire.

Not only lint fibres but also dust, debris in the vent can make it less operational. So, you should clean them to avoid any unnecessary events.

When Should You Clean Your Dryer Vents?

You can see some symptoms or signs which may tell you to clean the entire dryer vent system.

Here are some of the signs that may suggest you to cleaning vents:

  • You may witness your clothes are taking more time than earlier. This duration can be less when you had just bought the dryer. There may be some other reasons for this. Yet the primary cause is the warm exhaust air isn’t going anywhere. The airflow is restricted, and clothes can’t get air in time. The heating element is heating the air, but it can’t flow through the clothes at the right time.
  • Sometimes, the external cabinet of the vent is hotter than usual. Then the dryer vent has obstruction to work flawlessly.
  • Lint fibres are visible everywhere like around the filter, lint hose, outside vent. You may effectively see them on the floor behind the dryer.
  • Your clothes are becoming hotter while you dry them.
  • You may get the rare but strange burning smell from the washed clothes.
  • The area near the dryer vent feels extremely warm when you turn the device on.

How Often Should Dryer Vents Be Cleaned?

Once you have been experiencing any of these symptoms, start cleaning the vent. It is quite a common question to come in your mind – how often can I clean my dryer vent?

Well. Many experts suggest to clean out the vent at least once in a year. If it’s a new dryer vent, you can clean a yearly basis. But if you want to keep it going, you should clean the lint traps.

If you haven’t cleaned the vent for a long time, make a bi-yearly cleaning routine. You can keep it in a seasonal checklist for cleaning. Small or less wide vent requires frequent cleaning because it can be more clogged with lint, dust etc.

Dryer vent in commercial sectors may need less frequent cleaning. You can clean the vent after 3-5 years gap. But the project would be bigger and tougher. Usually, the owner or operator cleans the commercial dryer vent regularly at a fixed time.

If the lint is less in amount, there’s still chance to put strains on the device. So, don’t forget to clean the vent regularly.

Here are some determiners of the frequency of dryer vent cleaning:

  • If your family consists of many members, then it’s possible to have heavy loads of clothes to wash. Even you may need to wash clothes regularly. So, cleaning dryer vent depends on loads of clothes.
  • Pet hair and fur may clog vent tubes faster. If you have a pet in your house, you should clean the vent frequently.
  • Several clothes like towels, blankets, fleece etc. tend to restrict air inside the dryer vent.
  • In case you buy new clothes, you may need to clean the dryer vents because new clothes can spread more lint inside the vent than old, repetitive laundered clothes.

Benefits of Frequent Dryer Vent Wash:

When you are thinking about how often should you clean dryer vent, you get some benefits too.

  • Cleaning dryer vent often can save a huge electricity bill. When a device is clogged or damaged, it will need more electricity to run the device. You can save up to 30% energy bills by cleaning the dryer vents.
  • Cleaning dryer vents very often reduce maintenance costs. You won’t require to call the technicians regularly.
  • There is no chance of fire or electric short circuits. A clean vent means you are safe using the dryer.
  • It increases the longevity of the dryer. If your dryer is going well, then it won’t require working more like clogged one.

A complete dryer vent cleaning includes:

  • A complete inspection of the frontal opening side of the dryer vent.
  • Removal of all the dirt, debris, fur, hair, lint etc. from the vent.
  • Clearing all the lint traps from the vent tube and vents
  • Cleaning the backside of the dryer.
  • Cleaning dryer lint traps and drum properly.

How to Clean The Dryer Vent:

Cleaning dryer vent takes a short time. It would help if you cleaned in these following ways:

Lint traps cleaning:

  • Bring the lint trap screen out.
  • Scrape out all lint fibre layers.
  • Clean the mesh lining’s lint particles with vacuum hose attachments.
  • Scrub the areas with a dryer brush where it needs and start vacuum cleaning again.

Lint trap vents cleaning:

  • Bring the lint trap out.
  • Sweep the interior of the vent with dryer brush with a long handle.
  • Then, vacuum the bent’s outside.

Dryer vent duct cleaning:

  • Turn off the dryer by switching the power off and pull it away from the wall.
  • Go to the backside of the dryer and disconnect the large duct.
  • Give vacuum cleaning to the back of the dryer, including things you can see through the duct.
  • You can apply the spinning action of cleaning the interior of the tube.
  • Vacuum the tube again and then reconnect it.


Cleaning your dryer vent often helps to wash and dry clothes completely. It would help if you prepared a proper plan to clean the vent at least once or twice a year.

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