Best Chair Mat For Carpet – Top 10 Picks For 2020

Best Carpet Chair Mats A beautiful chair and gorgeous carpet are a great addition to a workplace and home environment. Both add aesthetics in the office and at home and bring peace of mind. However, the combo of the chair and mat is somewhat a rivalry.

Whenever the chair moves, it causes wear and tear on the carpets and eventually ends up damaging the carpets. And you know that the rugs are no mug when it comes to value, these are a costly investment. On top of it, a person will move his chair 250-300 times on average per day. So, it only intensifies the carpet damage.

But there’s a way to prevent the carpet from such piercing and scratches. Yes, when you have the best carpet chair mats attached with the chair, the carpets remain safe. It also eases the movement that helps reduce stress.

So, an appropriate chair mat for carpet is a jackpot; safeguards your costly office and home carpets and increases productivity. That’s the reason we have come up with the top-ten carpet chair mats review to help your innovative decorating.

10 Reviews of Best Carpet Chair Mats 

The mat for the office chair on carpet has a stud or nub to grip the rug and the mat top helps the chair suspending on the piling. So, your carpets won’t see any grooves and ruts.

Here, take a look at our most sought out ten office chair mats for carpet review.

1. Starcounters Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat for Carpet

Starcounters Heavy Duty Office Chair Mat for CarpetAre you annoyed with carpets sliding and rolling at one corner of the room? Help yourself from the nuisance with this desk chair mat for carpet. It’s studded, and the pronged base is made to give you a perfect grip on the carpets.

Also, this office chair mat for carpet comes with a visible 90000 loading service. So, it will last for years and may even decades. For durability, the desk chair floor mat for carpet is built with 100% polycarbonate. The polycarbonate construction is transparent and free from odor and toxicity. So, you get a healthy workplace.

It has a 1/8″ thickness that holds the chair firmly on the carpet and prevents the wheel from sinking on the surface. So, you experience perfect balance even on moves. Also, it uses an anti-bend technique for stability on the thickest carpet even.

So, with potential thickness and a firm grip on the wheels, this is a pretty much heavy-duty chair mat for carpet that you can rely on for years of carpet protection.

Highlighted Features:

  • The carpet protector is made of non-toxic and odor-free polycarbonate.
  • It is available in 48″ x36″ size with 1/8″ thickness.
  • The chair mat claims to have 90000 loading cycles.
  • It prevents bend and wheel sinking for smooth moves.
  • The polycarbonate has been recycled, so the mat is eco-friendly.
  • Heavy duty chair mat for carpet.

2. Marvelux Computer Chair Mat for Carpet

Marvelux computer chair mat for carpetAre you in search of the perfect office chair mat for the carpeted floor? Then you cannot but go for this Marvelux chair mat. Experience some smooth moves on the glide surface of this carpet protector and enjoy the stress-less work environment.

The studs of the mat have been crafted to provide a perfect grip on the wheels. It keeps the rug carpet on the place. This prevents damage to the small, medium, and large carpets. Henceforth, the medium pile carpet chair mat makes sure your home and office carpets remain usable for years.

Also, this best chair mat for medium pile carpet is made of odor and toxic-free 100% polycarbonate that has a high-impact strength. Thus, you can expect the rug to last for years. It, additionally, has a lipped model that sits entirely below your workstation.

You can also place it underneath the computer chair. So, it works as a computer chair mat for carpets. Nice innovation.

The chair mat also is free of lead and cadmium, so it is safe for your loving family members. Similarly, you can handwash the chair mat with lukewarm water and regular soaps.

Highlighted Features:

  • The chair mat is available in 36″ x48″, 47″ x53″ and 48″ x51″ sizes and ½” thickness.
  • You can use it for the office workstation, at home, and as your PC chair mat.
  • The carpet protector is suitable for small, medium, and large carpet piles.
  • 100% polycarbonate construction serves smooth glide.
  • Free of any harmful materials.

3. MuArts Upgraded Version Plastic Chair Mat for Carpet

plastic chair mat for carpetThis clear chair mat for carpet is so transparent that you can see through the rug underneath the mat. It just helps you have peace of mind knowing that you are over a beautiful looking carpet. Also, the carpet protector chair mat is made from a unique material.

MuArts claim that this specially engineered material is odor and toxic-free that certainly gives a boost for healthy usage to safeguard carpets. Furthermore, the hard chair mat for carpet is a heavy-duty item that has a substantial ½” thickness. With such depth and exclusive material, the mat will withstand up to 1200lb pressure. So, it’s literally unbreakable.

The next big thing about the clear plastic mats for carpet is its 47″ x35″ size, which entirely covers the chair wheels. So, there’s no chance that the chair wheels will go beyond the mat, causing damages on the rugs.

Finally, this clear floor mats for carpet weighs 13lbs, which is the heaviest around the marketplace. This heaviness ensures it lasts for years.

Highlighted Features:

  • The transparent design brings aesthetics to your home and workspace.
  • The small chair mat for carpet made of odor and toxic-free unique material.
  • The ½” depth is more than the regular mats.
  • It is unbreakable and supports smooth chair gliding.
  • The heavy-duty chair mat ensures 1200lbs pressure.

4. Dimex Low Pile Carpet Chair Mat

Dimex Low Pile Carpet Chair MatWith industry-leading transparency and top-of-the-line features, we recommend you the Dimex mat protector if you are looking for the best chair mat for low pile carpet. You should choose the chair mat if your room carpets thickness is ¼” inches or even less than that.

The top of the chair mat is made smooth, and so, you won’t feel stress to move the chair over the carpet. So, it helps you retain energy throughout the day.

The large chair mat comes in 46″ x60″ measurement, which favors the large room both in-office and at home. The large rectangular chair mat for carpet easily accommodates the 5-wheels chair, which gives it an edge over others. Also, it is packed in rolled in a cylinder so that it remains perfect during shipping.

Furthermore, the office chair on carpet solutions is made with BPA and phthalate-free polycarbonate, so, enjoys Greenguard certification. And with seamless design, the char mat cooperates all kinds of school, home, and office décor.

Highlighted Features:

  • The chair mat is available in 36″ x48″, 45″ x53″ and 46″ x60″ measurements.
  • It is the perfect protector for low pile carpets.
  • Its extra-large size is suitable for 5-wheels chair accommodation.
  • With Greenguard approval, it is usable in healthcare facilities also.
  • Ensure smooth movement of the wheels.

5. Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Thick Pile Carpet

Heavy Duty Chair Mat for Thick Pile CarpetThis thick pile carpet chair mat has an incredible 1/8″ thickness. So, no wonder, this chair mat for the carpet is the thickest carpet protector of its kind currently in the market.

Double Check Products made this super durable thick pile carpet after rigorous testing in the market, and so, claims that it is a NEW product. Indeed, it is a feature-packed high-performing chair mat for carpet. The manufacturer has used ultra-clear granules to mend the polycarbonate chair mats for carpet that gives the product optimal clarity.

Moreover, you can put your trust in the endurance of this plastic chair mat for carpet since it will withstand 2,00,000 loading cycles. It surpasses all other brands by a certain mileage. On top of the staggering loading cycles, it’s been engineered to facilitate easy and smooth movement. Also, the plastic mending means it won’t crack or sink.

And finally, with BPA and toxic-free material, the mat is suitable for small to medium pile carpets.

Highlighted Features:

  • The chair mat is hearty for low and medium-pile carpets with 2,00,000 loading cycles.
  • It is available in 36″ x48″ size with rectangular and lipped versions.
  • With 1/8″ thickness, it is a heavy-duty chair mat carpet protector.
  • The polycarbonate mat has an unbeatable crack, breaking, and sink resistance.
  • Transparent design suits every décor.
  • Hearty For Low and Medium Pile Carpets

6. AmazonBasics Chair Mat for Thick Carpet

AmazonBasics Chair Mat for Thick CarpetThis chair mat for protecting carpet is for those who want a chair mat for thick carpet. Once you set up the chair mat at your home or office chair, you rest assured to safeguard the carpet from daily damage and rugs.

The chair mat is mended from 100% polycarbonate with high gauge accuracy. So, you will get a premium protector for your valuable Persian carpets in the room. Moreover, the polycarbonate construction has excellent impact resistance that makes sure smooth gliding of the chair.

Hence, it prevents flex, curls, and rolling of the carpets and keeps it in a tiptop state. Also, the polycarbonate office carpet chair mat comes with a transparent appearance that gives your workstation, computer area, and other places a nice feeling.

Besides the aesthetics, the transparent floor mats for office chairs on the carpet are made of odor, BPA, phthalate-free material to ensure a healthy room interior. Furthermore, its textured front helps chair control while the underneath Gripper Back protects the carper from rugs and damage.

Highlighted Features:

  • The rectangular chair mat is available in 35″ x47″, 47″ x53″ and 47″ x59″ sizes.
  • It’s ready to use and has an ergonomic glide design for the chairs.
  • Gripper back stops the chair caster damage of the carpets.
  • It is easy to clean without any chemical detergents.
  • Its polycarbonate construction is usable under heating systems as well.

7. Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Plush Carpet

Floortex Polycarbonate Chair Mat for Plush CarpetPlush carpets are elegant and silky. Whenever you walk on it barefoot, you experience a feeling of luxury. However, this plush carpet can soon turn into a defective home item if you don’t take care of it properly. And the best care you can give it by introducing the best chair mat for plush carpet.

And the best is our recommended Floortex chair mat that has a 100% recyclable polycarbonate construction. The polycarbonate mending means its free of odor, BPA, and phthalate for seamless use in any home or office décor.

Furthermore, the rugged construction means it won’t crack, discolor, or curl with the chair movement. The addition of the gripper back helps the polycarbonate chair mat for plush carpet helps damage the free flow of the chair.

The chair mat is transparent that gives everyone to see through the beautiful carpet under it to bring peace of mind during the long working hours.

Highlighted Features:

  • The plush carpet protector has Greenguard approval and pet and child safe.
  • It is available in 35″ x47″, 48″ x53″ and 48″ x60″ sizes.
  • It prevents legs fatigue with lay-flat design and effortless glide.
  • Can work on even the thickest plush carpet.
  • Made of 100% recycled product, it is eco-friendly.

8. Anji Mountain Bamboo Chair Mat for Carpet

Anji Mountain Bamboo Chair Mat for CarpetIf you have ever wondered about an eco-friendly yet durable natural office chair mat for the carpeted floor, then you at once grab this Anji Bamboo Chair Mat.

The bamboo chair mat for carpet is made of 100% natural material that gives your office or home interior a vintage and sprawling look. You can choose from natural bamboo, light brown, and dark cherry colors to suit any décor.

Likewise, the colors, this chair mat is available in a wide range of customizable sizes. Also, despite being made of bamboo, it’s been treated specially for added endurance. This endurance works significantly to prevent any cracks and carpet damage.

This is a bamboo rollup chair mat so you can easily roll it and take from one room to another if needed. It functions perfectly up to ¼” carpet thickness and is a commercially usable chair mat. Also, this rolling chair mat for carpet has felt backing for stability and rounded edge for easy access.

Highlighted Features:

  • It is made of fast-growing mountain bamboo for eco-friendliness.
  • The bamboo mat rolls up with ease for portability.
  • The chair mat is available in many sizes, while the largest one is 48″ x72″.
  • It is a perfect item for commercial use.
  • The natural color looks fantastic in any décor.

9. ES Robbins Chair Mat for High Pile Carpet

ES Robbins Chair Mat for High Pile CarpetThis ES Robbins made heavy-duty chair mat for high pile carpet is made of vinyl instead of polycarbonate. So, it withstands the optimal loading cycles at ease. Moreover, the vinyl made chair mat is suitable for carpet piles with 1″ thickness, including the pad itself.

Since it is a heavy-duty chair mat, it can endure up to 8 hours of intensive usage with 200lbs pressure. So, it’s no wonder why customers praise the engineering of this extra-high pile carpet chair mat. And with such extraordinary endurance, the carpet protector is a suitable option in the office and workstations.

The product also has a cleat system of Anchor Bar, which holds the surface securely but won’t cause any visible and irreparable damage to the carpet on the floor. While extending the lifespan of your rugs, the vinyl made chair mat emits only a low amount of chemical. So, it earns the prestigious Greenguard Gold Certification.

Highlighted Features:

  • With 1+” thickness handling capacity, it is the best chair mat for high pile carpet.
  • The vinyl mended chair pat has low chemical emission.
  • It endures up to 200 lbs and 8 hours of working day intensity.
  • Available in three sizes with both rectangular and lipped models.
  • Its beveled edge ramps smooth chair transition.

10. Floortex Large Chair Mat for Carpet

Floortex Large Chair Mat for CarpetIf you actually want to extend your favorite carpet’s lifespan, bring this boss of chair mat for carpet floors now. This chair mat for carpet is mostly suitable for large rugs with the maximum measurement of 60″ x118″.

Also, the large chair mat for carpet is made of durable polycarbonate that lays and stays flat on the rug. So, you should experience smooth gliding without the stress at your legs. Additionally, it won’t swell, crack, and curl under the harshest conditions even.

The mat is transparent enough to help show through the underneath carpet and so won’t feel intrusive in the interior. And its gripper back ensures it remains stable and firm on every carpet without inflicting any damage to the rug.

Made with 100% recycled material, it also promotes green ecology.

Highlighted Features:

  • The chair mat is perfect for all pile carpets.
  • The XXL chair mat is available in four sizes with the largest being 60″ x118″.
  • It has incredible transparency that makes it almost invisible ion the mat.
  • 100% of recycled polycarbonate construction is environment-friendly.
  • It is suitable and favorable for both home and office usage.
  • Perfect for All Pile Carpets

Wrapping Up

A carpet at home and office is a costly and long-term investment. Everyone wants to have a beautiful and elegant looking rug at their interior to bring aesthetics and aristocracy to their place. While the carpet adds such pleasantness, the frequent movement of chairs on it causes havoc on it.

You may experience rugs, threads, and damage that might need replacement. Hence, the best chair mat for carpet will help you to retain the beauty of the carpets for a long time. Also, these chair mats bring the smooth gliding of the chairs at your feet. So, you remain fatigue-free and concentrate better at work.

These office chair mats for the carpeted floor are easy to clean and maintain and so boost up your room interior at the minimum effort. Rejoice!


The best chair mat for carpet is a worthy investment to safeguard the beautiful carpets both at home and office. The mats also reduce leg fatigue.

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